Monday, 1 April 2013

Day 276

Had most jolly weekend, and bound to say all were enjoying sherry in lounge yesterday evening listening to wireless.  Other half ever so good regards darning socks, as Mrs Payne undertook rummaging in extensive handbag.  Bound to say positively leapt out of chair as Mrs Payne exclaimed loudly,
"A bomb!"  At this loosed from her rummaging a small black device with red flashing light, landing on floor.  With a quiver Mrs Payne oofed with all her might to get away from the blast.  Most annoyed as spilled sherry on hand as exclaimed in annoyance,
"Why the devil would a bomb be in your handbag!"  Wiped hand with handkerchief as Mrs Payne replied petulantly,

Sighed rather as explained was mobile telephone.  Mrs Payne stood eyeing the device warily as queried,
"I own a mobile telemabob?"  Explained with some concern had bought it after seeing that fearful couple from Shrewsbury.  Mrs Payne rather annoyed at this, exclaimed with disgust,
"I've never been to Shrewsbury in my life!"  Most distressed as other half positively chocked on her sherry.

Picked up the device, showing it to Mrs Payne, as said wearily,
"See, quite alright!"  Explained red light meant low battery, was hanging on for dear life.  At this Mrs Payne most confused, queried with disappointment,
"Do I need to throw it away?"  Asked to as to charger, at which Mrs Payne resumed rummaging in bag, presently retrieved charger, unfortunately attached to rather sticky currant bun.  Mrs Payne held out charger, saying brightly,
"We'll share.  You have the charger, I'll have the currant bun."

Presently plugged in Mrs Payne's telephone, explaining as to being a "smartphone", was ever such nice device with fearfully many features.  Mrs Payne looked at the item in awe, as said with disappointment,
"The screen isn't in focus."  At this begged her pardon, that was her eyes.  Popping on spectacles Mrs Payne exclaimed with delight,
"Oh yes, much better!  My very own smartbob!  I've always wanted one!" adding after some moments,
"What does it do?"

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