Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Day 278

Mrs Payne positively obsessed with "Sally" smartphone as looked altogether seriously at device over dinner, saying in annoyance as asked what she might be doing,
"Do you mind!  I'm concentrating!"  Altogether silent as served dessert, with Mrs Payne mindlessly spooning sponge into mouth, which bound to say quantity of on table.  Was all but finished as Mrs Payne exclaimed in loud annoyance,
"Fearful smartbob, Sally beat me again!"  At this Mrs Payne put smartphone down on table with quite some force, causing dessert bowl to jump rather as looked positively furious.  Calming herself Mrs Payne declared regally,
"Silly game" promptly began retrieving sponge from tablecloth.  Queried carefully as to what she was playing, at which Mrs Payne further annoyed,
"Noughts and crosses!  Fearful game!"

Cleared away dinner, after which found Mrs Payne in lounge with laptop on knee looking altogether pleased, querying brightly,
"Might we have sherry?  I'm celebrating!"  At this Mrs Payne continued concentrating on laptop, picking up smartphone and pressing them together as said with amusement,
"Lapbob, meet smartbob!"

Served sherry, at which Mrs Payne exclaimed ,
"I drew!" adding with delight "Sally isn't so clever now!"  Was most curious as Mrs Payne returned to furiously working the laptop, saying with optimism,

"I'm certain to win next time!"

Was altogether late and not a drop of sherry left in glasses as Mrs Payne uttered again,
"I drew!" as other half said wearily,
"You'll never win, it's time for bed."  At this Mrs Payne exclaimed superiourly,
"I've got lapbob helping!  I'm sure to beat Sally soon!"  Followed explanation of quite brilliant solution as to playing noughts on smartphone and crosses on laptop, adding with pleasure,
"My lapbob tells me the best move!  It's a fearfully clever strategy I should warrant!"  Other half queried as to this rather being cheating, as Mrs Payne replied most indignantly in response,
"It's not cheating!" and hushing voice, added carefully, "Sally doesn't know!"

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