Thursday, 4 April 2013

Day 279

Bound to say weather most jolly today, as such suggested to Mrs Payne we might lunch out.  At this Mrs Payne positively delighted, picked up mobile telephone as said brightly,
"I shall find us somewhere nice!" adding in annoyance,
"Fearful two stars."

Queried at mid-morning tea as to location, and most impressed with Mrs Payne finding place altogether near with delicious food, and bound to say rather affordable.  Thought it such a jolly day we might see about walking!  Mrs Payne quite incredulous at this, querying in annoyance,
"Walk?  With our legs?"

Stood in sun before lunch, Mrs Payne on doorstep looking altogether displeased as said optimistically,
"I thought we were going in the motor?"  Took not a jot of notice of this as queried brightly as to how we get there.  Most pleased as Mrs Payne relinquished, saying with disappointment,
"I'll walk if we must, but I want dessert!  Sally has a little map."  At this Mrs Payne tottered down the drive, clutching "Sally" her smartphone in one hand, with power cable trailing to handbag in other.  Rather smiled as closed front door, Mrs Payne adding in annoyance,
"Oof.  Come on, we haven't got all day!"

Was ever so slow walking, further as stopped terribly often regards Mrs Payne scrutinising map, repeating often,
"Sally knows the way!  Oof."  Bound to say however cared not a jot for speed, walked in sun in altogether good mood.  Was rather disappointed as Mrs Payne stopped, saying gratefully,
"Here we are!"

Had quite excellent lunch, and Mrs Payne altogether buoyed, said with amusement at least had got right place this time!  Declared as paid bill I thought "Sally" quite a triumph!  Mrs Payne rather less pleased, replied with outrage,
"What about my dessert!"

Set off for home at two o'clock, at which thought it quite fearfully long lunch.  Would stop not a jot for afternoon tea as was sure to need to make up time.  Walked for quite some time after which queried as to being near home, was surely taking longer.  At this Mrs Payne altogether unsure, explained was certain to be just over this bridge!  Yes, nearly home!  Was most annoyed as declared had not gone over bridge on way there, were we lost?  At this Mrs Payne explained were certainly on right track, adding with concern,
"By the by, you haven't seen a plug socket have you?"

Promptly stopped, looking at poor Sally, black screen and not an ounce of life in her.  Positively furious at this, queried as to how long had we been without map.  Quite astonished as Mrs Payne said optimistically,
"Oh, barely longer than half an hour!"  Declared this quite frightfully reckless, as Mrs Payne said with disappointment,
"I bought my charger, but there's nowhere to plug it in!"

Was quite four o'clock as arrived home, Mrs Payne constantly oofing and both altogether warm.  Mrs Payne positively fell into sofa as said in annoyance,
"I told you we shouldn't have walked!"  Too furious to answer.

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