Friday, 5 April 2013

Day 280

Thankfully caught up with work on account of fearful busy afternoon and morning, as such declared before mid-morning tea rather I deserved trip into town for coffee and cake.  Mrs Payne looked up from mobile telephone, queried with interest,

Set off for town, Mrs Payne having explained might we have time to visit Fletchers' department store as had to buy some "smalls", explaining brightly,
"I don't need to remember what to buy, Sally remembers for me!"  Said this quite alright, might we see about coffee first, as Mrs Payne promptly added,
"And cake."

Saw Horseface in coffee shop, and bound to say still positively furious regards excursion to terrible coffee shop.  Queried with some sarcasm as to whether we would rather go elsewhere, heard local drop in centre had rather good coffee.  At this Mrs Payne most oblivious, asked with confusion,
"Shall I check how many stars?"

Apologised profusely regards being led astray by Mrs Payne, at which Horseface most reasonable, said with excitement should have seen boss' face when told him!  Mrs Payne positively ignored this, looking around shop with quite some concern, as held plug for phone, saying with concern,
"Oh dear.  I need to plug Sally in.  Oh dear, Sally!"  At this explained regards "Sally" running out of battery, Horseface saying with amusement,
"I say Bitty, there's a plug over there!"  Explained this rather far away, should certainly not leave such an item out of sight.  Mrs Payne most unconcerned with this, rummaged in bag, at which withdrew rather large bundle, exclaiming brightly,
"Not to worry!  I brought a 4-way extension!"

Mrs Payne most pleased as unwound extension, having carefully negotiated regards not putting it where someone could trip.  Having plugged in Mrs Payne presently sat down, popping extension on floor and tucking Sally at side of chair, as said with pleasure,
"Sally is charging!  She was only on 75 percent power, Sally could have gone at any moment!"  Chap on adjacent table most impressed with Mrs Payne's extension, said it quite brilliant to have brought it, might he plug in laptop also?  At this Mrs Payne fearfully pleased, said regally,
"You may", adding once chap had thanked her, "that'll be a pound, please."

Had terribly amusing conversation with Horseface regards boss' reaction regards two star cafe, as such all positively falling about laughing by time to leave, Mrs Payne saying with concern, was sure had something to remember.  At this queried did she perhaps need to buy some "smalls"?  Mrs Payne most relieved at this, said thankfully,
"Oh yes!  Don't mention by unmentionables though."

Stood admiring suits as Mrs Payne shopped for unmentionables, presently tottering up in quite frenzy, saying quickly,
"I put my list in Sally so I didn't forget, but I forgot Sally!"  At this Mrs Payne tottered off with not a moment for response, repeating loudly as she went,
"Oh dear!  Sally!"

Was with quite some dismay that stood in coffee shop, looking at chair Mrs Payne had sat in, finding not a glimpse of Sally.  Mrs Payne most upset at this, said tearfully
"They took Sally!" adding as dried eyes,
"I wouldn't mind, but they took the extension too."

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