Monday, 15 April 2013

Day 281

Had most jolly Sunday morning, other half and Mrs Payne said were going to garden centre regards flowers, at which declared would read Sunday newspapers.  Queried as coats and hats were sought as to where various sections were,  Mrs Payne duly handing over each one, looking fearfully crumpled into the bargain, explaining without concern,
"I sat on them."

Sat reading newspaper once other half and Mrs Payne had left, and bound to say had one or two biscuits.  Thought this rather what Mrs Payne must be like daily.  With much excitement, sat in Mrs Payne's seat on sofa, by the by, had terribly flat cushion, as said in squeaky voice,
"I say Robert, where's the biscuits!  Oof oof oof!"  Thought this most amusing.

Rapidly got up as other half and Mrs Payne came in, and positively popped with excitement as Mrs Payne said with exasperation,
"I say Robert, where's the biscuits?"  Other half exclaimed with smile hoped I had not been up to mischief.  Made note to tell her about impression later.

Other half altogether delighted as said she had surprise for garden!  At this Mrs Payne, having found biscuit barrel, said nonchalantly through biscuit-filled mouth,
"We've bought a pond."  At this other half most displeased, said in annoyance,
"I said I would tell him!" adding brightly,
"Robert, you'll never guess!  We've bought a pond!"  Declared in annoyance would never have guessed.

Queried, by the by, was this sheer madness?  At this other half said it was an awfully nice pond, one of those clever moulded contraptions, ever so cheap, and the Updikes next door had a pond!  Other half looked ever so hopeful, so warmed rather as queried when contractors were arriving regards installation.  At this Mrs Payne looked at her daughter, queried cryptically,
"Now?" after which tottered into porch, and with careful oofing, returned, saying with delight,
"You'll never guess!  We've bought you a new spade!"

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