Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Day 282

Mrs Payne most excited regards pond, exclaimed over Sunday lunch,
"Can we get koi carp?  No!  Cod!  We can have fish and chips!"  Declared this most ridiculous, by the by, how large was pond?  At this other half altogether sheepish, said carelessly,
"Oh, barely a few feet.  More tea?"

Paced out dimension on lawn after lunch, and bound to say pond quite fearfully large, ten feet in length and quite four feet deep.  Declared this most unreasonable, if was any larger would jolly well have an island in middle!  Other half said I was being silly.  Exclaimed had not a chance of digging myself, at which Mrs Payne said earnestly,
"I will help!"  Most concerned as said this terribly kind, by the by, when did pond mould arrive?  At this other half altogether sheepish again, said optimistically,
"Tomorrow?" before adding melodically,
"I'll get the spade!"

Other half terribly excited regards pond, said I was a darling for digging it.  At this bound to say was altogether buoyed, said would certainly make short work of it, would have hole ready by dinner!  At this promptly started digging, Mrs Payne exclaiming as warily tottered back into house,
"Shan't be long!  You get started, Robert!"

Spent fearful amount of time digging, and bound to say most awfully tired before dinner.  Not a glimpse of Mrs Payne throughout, having declared upon numerous enquiries,
"I'm trying to find my wellingtons!"  All stood around hole before dinner, approximate oval in shape and most annoyed to say barely 6 inches deep.  Most displeased as Mrs Payne exclaimed in surprise,
"I say, this is barely fit for a puddle!"

Queried in much annoyance as to Mrs Payne finding wellingtons, at which Mrs Payne exclaimed in surprise as kicked small piece of soil back into hole,
"Oh, I forgot, I don't have any wellingtons!"

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