Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Day 283

Most annoyed this morning as pond arrived.  Was quite certainly larger than had been told, as such hole frightfully lacking in length and width.  Further annoyed as rather burly delivery chap said in amusement as carefully propped pond up with dustbins,
"You'll need a bigger 'ole mate!" as Mrs Payne added in amusement,
"He's a fearfully slow digger!  I should have done it, but I don't have wellingtons.."

Stalked back into house and returned to work as Mrs Payne continued regards delivery, working terribly hard all morning and stopping not a jot for mid-morning tea.  Was most productive, as such thought would see about continuing to dig hole in afternoon, other half sure to be pleased with progress.

Came downstairs for lunch, as Mrs Payne echoed delivery chap, albeit rather more regally,
"I say, you'll need a bigger hole, Mr!" before giggling to herself as got up with an oof, querying optimistically,

Set about making lunch and positively shocked to the core as looked out of kitchen window, uttering in open-mouthed horror,
"I say, what the, what the devil!"  Slowly walked outside to survey the garden, with Mrs Payne following, as repeated in annoyance,

Looked at pond as queried loudly,
"Why does it have water in it!"  At this Mrs Payne explained with excitement,
"I filled it!"  Frightfully exasperated by this as said was now fearfully heavy, how might we move it?  Mrs Payne altogether unconcerned with this as exclaimed defiantly,
"We need something to put the fish in!" and as lifted lid on recycling bin, added in annoyance,
"We can't keep them in the bin!"

Peered into recycling bin, positively filled to brim with water and containing numerous fish.  Mrs Payne most pleased with this, mimicking fish as open and closed mouth with audible,
"Pop!  Pop!  Pop!" before saying with delight,
"I think they like me!"

Bound to say this all too much, queried with concern as to where recycling had been placed, at which Mrs Payne explained between pops,
"We put the recycling in the normal bin."  Positively furious at this, as normal bin already full.  Asked in annoyance where normal rubbish was, receiving bright response,
"In the garden waste bin."  Repeated with annoyance this quite ridiculous movement,
"You put the fish in the recycling bin, the recycling in the normal bin, and the normal rubbish in the garden waste bin?  Where did you put the garden waste?"  Positively shook in silent anger as Mrs Payne explained tersely,
"In your hole."

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