Friday, 19 April 2013

Day 285

Bound to say was most annoyed last night making dinner,  trousers hanging over chair to dry as Mrs Payne exclaimed incredulously,
"I shouldn't think it was my fault!  What a fearful place to put a bin!"

Weather whipped up terrible as ate dinner, frightfully windy and rain positively lashed window as explained to other half forecast was awful for next few days, most unlikely to get pond completed.  Other half terribly disappointed with this, however cheered rather as queried whether mother might be able to continue, seeing as had bought her wellingtons.  At this Mrs Payne positively horrified, saying indignantly,
"The wind will go right up me!"

Bad weather continued over night, was woken up on several occasions by wind against window.  At breakfast other half and Mrs Payne said same.  Mrs Payne explaining gravely was worried would flood, could barely sleep a wink.  At this Mrs Payne brightened rather, said with pleasure,
"It's alright though, I put my wellingtons on in bed, then I fell right asleep!"  Other half looked rather seriously at mother, at which Mrs Payne added in annoyance,
"They were clean!"  Angled my head rather to look under table, most surprised Mrs Payne still wearing them.

Other half having left for work, set about getting ready myself as Mrs Payne finished off toast.  Positively dropped cup of tea in shock as Mrs Payne said nonchalantly,
"Oh, while I remember: by the by, the pond has gone."

Rushed to window and most shocked to see garden looking fearfully muddy, and further, not a glimpse of the pond mould.  Exclaimed in much dismay as to the wind and queried in awe,
"Where the devil has it gone?"  At this Mrs Payne looked up from her toast, querying plainly,

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